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4 Things to bring wedding dress shopping

Congratulations on your engagement! Now you’re likely starting to think about wedding planning and finding the perfect wedding dress. What to bring wedding dress shopping might be a question that has popped into your head already. For most brides-to-be, one of the first things you do is create a Pinterest board dedicated to your perfect wedding. You start pinning beautiful wedding dresses, wedding accessories, and different tips.

While on your search you might not find a lot of information about what happens at a bridal boutique appointment, as well as how to prepare and what to bring. Well, no worries, here at Sheila’s Bridal Boutique we’ll walk you through 4 things to bring wedding dress shopping! Keep reading this post to know what 4 things you might need to bring to your wedding gown appointment.

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Heels around the same height as what you’ll wear on your wedding day

Bringing heels is a great idea if you already have in mind the height or style of shoe, you’d like to wear on your wedding day. If you don’t have any idea yet, no worries at all. However, if you do have them bring them to your appointment as this helps with thinking about different dress styles and lengths that would work with those shoes.

Now, this isn’t a must-have, in fact, I had my wedding dress appointment without any heels. Sheila asked me to show her what type of heel I was thinking, from her fabulous selection and that was enough for her to know what she needed to know. Sheila has so much experience with gowns and specifically plus size brides she can help even if you don’t have heels.

If you haven’t yet found the perfect heels but know the approximate height of the heel and have something like that at home bring that to your appointment. It will give you an idea of your height and the gown look. Most bridal salons, like Sheila’s, have shoes there so feel free to also look for shoes while dress shopping.

Pictures to set the scene of your wedding day / Wedding Dress

As I mentioned above you might have a Pinterest board already set up with your ideal wedding venue. If so, feel free to bring that to the appointment as well, even if they’re just general ideas. This will give Sheila an understanding of what you’re wanting to look like and the feel of your wedding. If you don’t yet have a venue or idea of a theme don’t worry, this won’t impact your shopping experience.

 The same goes for your wedding dress ideas. If you have pictures that you can share with the salesperson this allows them to understand your style, shape, and what your perfect dress might look like. From there they will be able to pull a couple of different dresses (don’t worry one at a time) for you to try and find the one you love! During this time, they will also speak about any alteration suggestions or work that would need to be done.

Family Members/ People you trust

This is less of a what to bring wedding dress shopping and more of a who to bring wedding dress shopping. When thinking about your shopping wedding dress experience you want to surround yourself with people that support you and make you feel good. Going wedding dress shopping can be anxiety-provoking for some folks looking at our bodies in all those lights, having a support squad around you is important.

You can bring family members, trusted friends or colleagues or anyone who you feel would be supportive and helpful to the appointment. Having the right people can really help you feel good about your appointment as well as give a good insight into dress types and styles to try on that they suggest if you want to!

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Any accessories or extra items you want to be paired with the dress

One of the most common questions that come to mind when thinking about wedding dress shopping is “do you wear a bra wedding dress shopping”. Yes, in short! If you’re thinking of something more strapless then coming in a strapless bra will help you envision it the day of. Not a worry if you’re in a bra with straps and then in the appointment, you fall in love with a strapless. If you wear colours that are more nude or bland it won’t distract you while you’re trying on dresses.

You can also bring any accessories or items that you want to be paired with the dress. This will allow you to see all the items paired together which can help you feel sure about a dress. Bring whatever you’d like, and Sheila can help with showing you how it would all go together. Don’t own what you’d like as accessories, we’ve got lots in stock. You can try items on with the dress in the shop!

Bonus: Bring an open mind!

Best wishes for your wedding dress shopping!

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By Alex Jean from Simply Alex Jean