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When to start shopping: wedding dress timeline

If you type into the search bar of google “wedding dress timeline” or “when to start shopping for a wedding dress” you’re likely to get a myriad of answers. All vary in advice and timelines. You might hear from a loved one that you should be buying a wedding dress a year in advance. Or to provide at least 6 months for wedding dresses’ alterations. Honestly, wedding dress timelines depend on a variety of choices you make as a bride. Some dresses can be done in a couple of months. Whereas other brands or fashion designers might need more time to get a dress ready for you. As well, there’s also the option of buying off the rack as well. 

If you’re planning your wedding day and are unsure of when to get your dress, go to a wedding dress store to speak with someone with the dress shopping experience, and wedding dress fitting information. Lean on the experts, let them give you the information that pertains to your specific dress or wedding ideas so you get specific information. It’s always easier to go earlier and have extra time than it is to save it to the last minute and have your choices be potentially more restrictive. 

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What to do before your wedding dress appointment?

When you’re beginning to look for a bridal boutique or wedding dress store make sure to look for one that fits your style, dress size and you feel comfortable in. If you want more tips about choosing a plus-size bridal boutique be sure to check out that post! 

Before starting to shop it’s encouraged to look around places such as Pinterest for wedding fashion, wedding dress trends, and different bridal looks. It’s also important when thinking about getting married to think about what you want to look like on your wedding day. When you think of wedding venues, and your wedding ceremony what themes come to mind, or adjectives to describe the atmosphere? Bring that list or those ideas to your wedding dress appointment. All brides have different needs, visions, and wedding ideas for how they want their special day to look. 

Once you’ve found a couple of ideas for your wedding gown or wedding theme/looks then contact your bridal boutique to make an appointment. If you’re local to Ontario and looking for wedding dresses nearby check out our plus-size bridal boutique

When to make an appointment that fits your wedding dress timeline?

When thinking about your wedding dress timeline, making an appt to try on dresses and speak to a wedding dress specialist is always encouraged. Start wedding dress shopping early. This will ensure you have the proper time to find and get the dress of your dreams. Popular or certain dress styles might take a bit longer to get ordered in your size. So, giving yourself that grace time is important. 

Once you’ve spoken to a wedding dress specialist they can outline which gowns need more time to get in and which ones can be sooner. You’ll also want to speak with them about your first fitting. As well, as how long it will take to be ordered and brought in if it’s being ordered for your measurements. 

Be patient if ordering a dress as this can take some time. Especially in today’s environment with production and operations a bit slower with covid procedures. The bridal shop may be able to provide a seamstress for alterations in the shop. They may be able to provide alternative recommendations as well. Ensure you plan accordingly with them for when your first fitting and final fitting for your wedding dress timeline should be. Similarly to wedding dress shopping, you don’t want these fitting to be rushed, but you do want them close to your wedding date. 

Wedding Dresses on Rack
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Looking for something on the faster side?

If you’re looking ahead to your wedding and thinking about needing a quick shopping timeline then looking for a wedding dress you can buy off the rack might be a good option for you. Provide the associate with your wedding date and real wedding timeline so they can provide you with viable options given your timeline and final fitting date.

The bridal dress specialists are the best person to help find you a dress that can be the dress of your dreams and fit the timeline you have set out. It’s important to be realistic with your timeline with your consultant. As then they will only put you in wedding gowns that can fit within that timeline. What you don’t want to happen is to get your heart set on a particular wedding dress and have your dress shopping timeline not match the time needed to order in that dream dress. 

At the end of the day, you want a dress for yourself. As a bride, you want a properly fitting dress that screams “this is my dress!”.

Best wishes for your wedding dress shopping!

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By Alex Jean from Simply Alex Jean