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Latest Trends for Brides Planning a Minimalist Wedding

One of the biggest trends of wedding planning 2022 for brides to be and is likely to carry over into 2023 is planning a minimalist wedding. With Covid restrictions beginning to slowly lift in most areas a lot of couples are still planning on having small and intimate weddings regardless of restrictions now being lifted. 

Why are minimalist weddings so attractive to future brides? There are several reasons why minimalist and micro weddings are surging right now. The most common reasons are financial, simpler to plan, and less strenuous on the couple. 

Simple Wedding Flowers for Planning a Minimalist Wedding

Simple Wedding Gowns

One of the biggest minimalist wedding ideas we’ve seen recently is having a minimal wedding dress that is simple. Brides to be are looking for clean lines with their wedding dresses. Wedding dress inspiration comes from a simple and clean bridal look. Brides are searching for white colors for dresses and minimal accessories. They’re after a timeless and modern style that emphasizes their own beauty.  Here at Sheila’s Bridal Boutique we offer a wide variety of plus-size wedding dresses and offer a variety of styles. We can help you with finding your dream minimalist wedding dress. As well, can help provide ideas for accessories that are modern, classic, and timeless. 

Intimate Feel 

One of the most attractive things about this trend of planning a minimalist wedding is it has an intimate feel to it. Couples are looking to have a smaller wedding where they’re able to have close family and friends in attendance. It’s common in 2022 for couples to be trying to stay away from the big and elaborate weddings. One of the biggest reasons is financially it’s easier on couples. In today’s market and economy, a smaller and more intimate wedding can be easier on a couple’s budget. This helps with planning for milestones ahead such as buying real estate/ a house, family planning, and travel/vacations. This helps save money, reduces time with design and decor, creates a shorter guest list, and overall reduces stress. 

Minimal Décor when planning a minimalistic wedding

When it comes to planning your wedding ceremony or reception there can be a lot of décor items that can quickly build while planning your wedding. Brides are looking for minimalistic flower designs, weddings at a family home or property with DIY décor, simple wedding invitations, and an overall minimalist wedding style for the look of their day. With this trend, the focus is on simple décor items that can be reused throughout the event or reused after to avoid waste. Even with the assistance of a wedding planner, brides typically take on a lot of last-minute checking of items. With planning a more minimal decor wedding there is less stress and less worry in this area. 

Picture of Simple Wedding Decor

Simple Planning

Overall, one of the most attractive things to couples is the simple planning of a minimalist wedding. Their wedding inspiration is simple, and they want their day to be easy and modest. They want to enjoy their day surrounded by family members, friends and have a great time enjoying the day. Their ideas of photography are modest and classy photo poses and group shots. There are no flowers everywhere you turn, no elaborate chair décor or tables that are cluttered with different décor items. Wedding favors are simple and elegant such as succulents, seed pouches, and donations to charities. For the DIYers, they create jars with various items such as tea, chocolates, honey, spices, and mints. Along with simple planning, an emerging trend is couples are now getting married sooner and without years of engagement. 

Summary of planning a minimalistic wedding

From simple wedding decorations to modest wedding dresses this trend has picked up speed recently and shows no signs of slowing down or stopping soon. Couples are now looking for simple and real weddings. Couples desire items to be able to be reused, don’t want excess waste, and want a simple, traditional, and timeless look for minimalist wedding décor. Looking for a wedding dress that fits within your minimalist wedding dreams? Make an appt with Sheila today about your wedding dress needs. She’ll help you to find your dream dress for your beautiful minimalist wedding.