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Healthy body affirmations for brides

As I mentioned in choosing a plus size bridal boutique – we have complex relationships with our bodies. Often, we associate wedding dresses and our wedding day with working towards our dream body shape and size. This can be through healthly or unhealthy means of achieving your ideal body goals. While having body goals and realistic ideas of health is important, it’s as important to complement that with healthy body affirmations, especially for brides. Here at Sheila’s Bridal Boutique, we celebrate all bodies and love to help brides find their dream dress and feel beautiful as a bride.

We are not medical professionals, and not psychologists providing advice or instructions on health and wellness. Please consult a medical professional if you have questions about your health.

The power of healthy body affirmations

An affirmation is a phrase or quote that is the action or process of affirming something. Affirmations can provide encouragement, emotional support, and reminders. Often affirmations can be used during times where we’re needing motivation, reminders, or need help with introducing a positive mindset. Affirmations can be used in a plethora of ways such as relationships, work/school, health, and goal setting to name a few.

The power of healthy body affirmations with brides is important as it helps with providing reminders, and encouragement celebrating the beauty of your body. You can set realistic goals about your health and work towards achieving them, however hurtful statements about your body or unhealthy ways to lose weight can be impactful on not only your physical health but also mental health. Saying out loud positive affirmations can help with increasing your positive thoughts, body image and reaffirming healthy choices.

Man and Bride on Wedding Day

How to use positive affirmations?

With affirmations, there are a lot of ways that you can use them to help with helping with daily positive thoughts and increasing positive body image thoughts. Each person is different and unique with how affirmations work for them. If you’re unsure try a couple of different ways and see which way best helps your personal growth!

Repeat Verbally – start by saying the affirmations out loud throughout your day at least 10 times.

Written – Write out your affirmations a couple times a day, put reminders in your work schedule so you stop and write them down.

Reminder from loved ones – Have the ones you live with help remind you of these affirmations throughout the day.

Reminders/ Post Its – Place around your space written affirmations that you can repeat throughout the day.

Some helpful reminders as you begin to use affirmations – to be patient, be consistent with your routine and don’t be hard on yourself if you forget as you build up these habits. Find affirmations that you feel fit what you need and change up your affirmations as often as you’d like once comfortable with this routine.

Preparing for your wedding dress appointment

When beginning to prepare for your wedding dress appointment this may be a time where using positive body affirmations can be helpful. As I mentioned everyone has their own relationship with their body. For some people loving their body is simple, for others, this is an area where they’re still working on.

As I mentioned it’s easy to think of wedding dress shopping and think of healthy eating, weight loss, and healthy foods. Whereas the idea of health can also be thoughts such as energy, care, healing, loving yourself, taking care, and using positive affirmations to help with lowering negative thoughts.  At Sheila’s bridal your body shape and size will be celebrated and supported. Sheila will work with you to help you feel gorgeous in your dress!

Healthy body affirmations Reminder

Love myself affirmations for brides

Here are some health affirmations that can help with giving you reminders of positive body thoughts to love yourself!

A goal weight is an arbitrary number, how I feel is important to me.

It’s okay to love myself.

Balance is important.

I will stay positive.

I am capable of love.

My body is healthy and is amazing at what it can accomplish.

My body is beautiful.

I am perfect, whole, and complete just the way I am.

A size is just a number.

My body is a gift.

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By Alex Jean from Simply Alex Jean