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Beautiful and Creative Wedding Hair Accessories for Brides

Finding the right wedding hair accessories to match your dream wedding dress and wedding veil can be tricky! There is a plethora of different styles, options, and looks that can be created with some simple bridal hair accessories! Creating beautiful bridal hair doesn’t need to be complicated. You can tie your whole wedding look together with some simple accessories that help you create your dream wedding day look.

Let’s dive into a couple of different wedding hair accessory ideas for your bridal look!

Different Types of Wedding Hair Accessories

Bridal Hair Pins

Bridal hair pins and bridal hair jewelry are a simple way to add some elegance and bling to your look. These hairpins can be functional to help keep hair in place. Additionally can be simply decorative to add to an elaborate hairstyle or add some flair. There are many options from simple small hairpins that are like the size of a bobby pin, to long and elaborate pieces that make a statement. Hairpins can be used with all hairstyles. They can be used with full updos, half up half down styles as well as wearing your hair down and long. You can sprinkle hairpins throughout the hair or have one pin only.

Bride getting wedding hair pieces put in.


A headband is a simple and modern look to help tie together your wedding day outfit. You can have a silk ribbon headband that is simple. As well, as a pearl or gold headband with many jewels and beads! Headbands can add flair and can add a creative way to add some bling to your look, and are one of the more simple hairpieces! Headbands can pair with half up and half down hairstyles. They can also be paired with an updo or with your hair down. This is a simple way to create vintage wedding hairstyles and can include comb pieces to help secure it in place.

Wedding Hair Accessories

Bridal Hair Comb

Bridal Hair Combs can look similar to hairpins with their décor and design with wedding hairstyles, however, they have typically metal comb teeth that help keep the wedding hairpiece in place and secure. These wedding hairpieces are often larger than hairpins and more elaborate and elegant in nature. These add crystals, pearls, flowers, and beads to the bridal hairstyle. These bridal hair accessory pieces are used for updos and for half up and half down hairstyles and can create a beautiful and elegant wedding look for brides.

Bridal Hair Comb Piece

Wedding Tiara

Brides wearing wedding tiaras as their headpieces for weddings is a more traditional and historical tradition. The tiara historically meant the crowing of love and the loss of innocence in marriage. In today’s bridal looks brides often select a tiara based on their own personal style. It can be seen as an elegant touch and feminine accessory as their bridal hairpiece. Tiara’s can pair with elegant and romantic-style wedding dresses. Given tiaras can have quite a few pieces of bling and crystals their price can be on the higher end of wedding hair accessory ideas for brides.

Wedding Hair Accessories of bridal tiara hair piece

Whether you are creating a traditional wedding look, a boho look, or a bold and edgy look you can find bridal hair accessories to match and help show off your personality! Bridal hair accessories range in selection from each shop and seller. Speak to Sheila during your appt to see what her current selection is for hair accessories for your big day!