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5 Helpful People you want to Bring Wedding Dress Shopping

Getting married is such an exciting time, you’ve likely gathered some of your closest friends, and family to start planning your big day! Something you and your friends are likely incredibly excited about is shopping for your wedding dress and finding that dream dress! When it comes to dress shopping it’s not always as easy as just grabbing some friends and heading to the shop. There are a couple factors to consider with planning who you want to bring wedding dress shopping.

Image of woman trying on wedding dress

What to consider with who to bring wedding dress shopping?

Some factors you’ll want to consider when creating your dress shopping guest list can be:

  • Is this individual supportive of me?
  • Will I feel comfortable in front of this person trying on multiple dresses?
  • Do I trust this person’s opinion? Do I value it in my decision-making?
  • Is this individual body positive?
  • Will they be open-minded, and help me keep an open mind?

This list is just suggestions, and you might have your own questions that are important to making you feel comfortable in the appt. The main thing is ensuring you feel comfortable, this is an incredibly exciting time, and you don’t want someone who is not supportive or harmful to your body image being apart of this experience. This isn’t to say they aren’t someone important in your life, this person could be someone you adore and is incredibly important. However, ensuring you feel comfortable and supported during this potentially vulnerable time is something that does need to be considered when making your list!

Childhood Friends

You can bring childhood friends with you; you know those folks you went through kindergarten all the way up to end of your schooling with? If you’ve got a close childhood friend who you trust, then you can bring them to your wedding dress appointment! They can bring a unique perspective to your shopping experience given they’ve known you for so long and may even be in your bridal party!


Your mother might also be someone you bring to see wedding dresses and can be involved in your wedding planning. For some folk’s families can be stressful to involve in the dress shopping experience so they don’t include them. Before you start shopping determine if you’d like your mom to be involved in your bridal outfit shopping day. You may have to have an honest conversation if you’re worried about boundaries or overstepping during the process. Mom’s love to be apart of the bride appts so feel free to bring your mom to your wedding dress shopping if you’d like!

Future Mother-in-Law to Bring Wedding Dress Shopping

Bringing your future mother-in-law goes hand in hand with your considerations for bringing your mother to your wedding dress appointment.  Your future mother-in-law might be someone who knows you very well or may still be getting to know you. It’s important to determine if you’ll feel comfortable trying on dresses in front of your future in law and do you want them involved in this experience. Having a real and honest conversation with your fiancé about how to navigate this may be helpful to ensure your bridal needs are being considered with who you bring to your wedding dress shopping trip.

Image of friends to Bring Wedding Dress Shopping

Maid of Honour/Wedding party

These are the friends who have been with you through thick and thin! The ones you want standing next to you on your big day! You can invite your Maid of Honour (MOH) or Bridal Party to the dress appt if you’d like to include them in your selection process. Now depending on the size of your bridal party, you may want to be selective as having too many voices during a dress selection appt can become overwhelming and tough to determine your true feelings with lots of opinions.


Do you have a close sibling or cousin who you’d want to be apart of this incredible experience? You can feel free to invite them as well to this appointment so they can help you select the dress of your dreams!

Summary of who to bring Wedding Dress Shopping

Picking a dress can be so exciting and having close friends and family around can be crucial to your selection. However, you also want to ensure you’re not bringing too many folks and have an overwhelming experience with how many opinions are in the room. Try to keep your group small, if possible, to help allow you the space to make a selection and enjoy the experience for yourself! Be sure to connect with Sheila before your appt to understand how many individuals you can bring to your dress appointment in alignment with shop policies at the time.