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What to consider when choosing a plus size bridal boutique

What to consider when choose a plus size bridal boutique? That’s a big question that likely has stirred up a lot of emotions. Wedding dress shopping can be such a fun and exciting time; however, it can also be a time where you can feel anxious or nervous because of your relationship with your body.

A complex relationship

We all have complex relationships with our bodies. There are days I wake up and it’s very tough to say positive affirmations about my image as it feels the farthest thing from the truth. Other days, I wake up put on my favourite outfit and feel amazing about how I look all day. Have things radically changed between those days? Likely not. It’s just the complex relationship we have with our bodies.

Okay, back to wedding dress shopping. So, as I mentioned, we often bring our complex relationships with our bodies wedding dress shopping with us. Regardless of your body shape or size trying on dresses should be a wonderful and exciting time! At Sheila’s Bridal Boutique, Sheila works tirelessly to help you feel as gorgeous as you can while in her shop. Don’t trust me, I get it that I just said she’ll make you feel great, and you might be skeptical. If you’re still not sure, peruse her testimonials. Just one look at one page will show you how much care and attention she provides each client to make them feel beautiful and gorgeous as they try on dresses.

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Plus Size Bridal Boutiques

When choosing a Bridal Boutique, be sure to choose one that specializes in plus sized wedding gowns if you’re a plus sized woman. This will provide you with the best experience possible as they will be tailored to dresses that you can try on, and ways to accessorize and tailor it for your specific body shape and size. This also allows you to try on plus size gowns from plus size wedding dress designers.  If you’re not sure if a bridal boutique specializes in plus sized brides just call ahead and ask before you make an appointment! If you’re in the local Southern Ontario are, come check out Sheila’s Bridal Boutique for all your plus size bride needs.


When choosing a bridal shop for wedding dress shopping consider the environment of the shop. Some bridal boutiques are large and grand with multiple brides on the go at once, while others offer a more private experience that provide you with 1:1 support and time alone in the shop. It’s important to consider this when selecting as you want to be as comfortable as possible while trying on dresses. If you’re unsure about a shop’s environment give them a call and ask or scope out their website or social media online. At Sheila’s Bridal Boutique she offers a private space where you are the only bride in the shop. Interested? Send her an email to get started!

Bride and Friends
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Who you bring with you to the bridal shop?

When you’re thinking about beginning your wedding dress shopping, consider who to bring. Ideally, you want to surround yourself with individuals who love and support you and will be positive supporters. Those who are critical of body shapes and sizes, or negative views of plus size brides and likely those who you would not want to invite. These people can stir up all those anxieties I was speaking about earlier and can put a damper on wedding dresses. Now, I know this is complex as family and friends can have a variety of thoughts about plus size wedding dresses and sometimes these folks invite themselves to your appts. It’s important to think about this when choosing a plus size bridal boutique so you can speak to people before they attend the appt with you, to ensure your support group is just that, supportive!

Styles and Sizes

When thinking about your ideal styles and sizing make sure to have an open mind! Often different wedding dress styles fit differently on different body shapes and sizes. How they look on a model on Pinterest might look different on your body. When it comes to sizing, the most important thing is comfort so ensure you are selecting the size that fits best, not necessarily your dream body size. Your size if often only known between you and your wedding dress consultant. You will likely find a proper fitting dress looks better than something smaller that might not fit you as well size wise. When considering a plus size boutique, be sure to ensure they have styles and sizes for plus size women.

Best wishes for your wedding dress shopping!

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By Alex Jean from Simply Alex Jean