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5 Different Types of wedding veil styles to pair with your Wedding Dress

Congratulations, you’ve found your dream wedding dress! It’s time to pop the champagne and celebrate this incredible milestone. Now before you know it, you’ll be ready for your dress fittings and off to your big day! But what about accessories? What should you pair with your beautiful wedding dress to really finish off your dream bridal look?

A veil.

You might have tried on a veil when trying your wedding dress. If you haven’t yet settled on a wedding veil then don’t worry. We’re going to walk you through 5 different wedding veil styles to consider with your wedding dress.

Gorgeous wedding veil styles you can use as a bride

What is a wedding veil?

A wedding veil is a beautiful piece of tulle fabric that is worn as part of your hair accessories as a bride. There are varying lengths, styles, and designs for veils. Some veils are plain and simple in design, while others include lace, beading, ribbon, or satin finishes around the edges. A veil is traditionally meant to signify modesty and purity. In recent years a wedding veil is seen as an accessory to help the bride complete their overall style.

Veils can be worn over the face and lifted during your wedding ceremony, or your veil can be flowing down your back as you walk down the aisle. As mentioned, there are religious reasons for individuals to cover their faces, or not to. For all kinds of brides, there are many options and varieties of how to utilize a veil with your bridal look.

Does my wedding veil need to match my dress?

No, not necessarily! The choice is yours and your wedding dress and bridal look are meant for you to choose how you feel beautiful. There is much creative freedom with selecting accessories to match your dress. It is encouraged to find what you feel works best for how you want to look on your wedding day. A bridal dress consultant can help pick and show you veils that can match your particular dress or dress style, however, the choice is yours. Most brides prefer to have the veil and dress coordinate with colours and materials, to ensure they complement each other and create a tied-together look.

Wedding Veil Styles


Image of Bride wearing a wedding veil.

Birdcage Veil

A birdcage veil is a short veil that covers part of your face and sits on top of your head, held onto by a hair comb accessory. This can just be for the front of your face, or it can wrap around your entire head. The name comes from the idea of the style can look like and resemble a cage around your head.

A birdcage veil can be simple, or it can have beading, or lace to add some style and a feminine touch. This veil style is most commonly paired with short wedding dresses or wedding pantsuits.

Cathedral Veil

The cathedral veil is almost the opposite of the birdcage veil we just spoke of. This style of wedding veil is long, grand, and typically trails behind the wedding dress as a train. These veils can be up to 144 inches in length and create a royal and regal look for a bride.

Average cathedral wedding veil lengths are around 110-120 inches long, and most brides prefer their veil to extend beyond the train of their dress by at least 5 inches. This type of look creates a very dramatic effect and can make for some gorgeous photos of behind the bride. This veil style is commonly paired with floor-length wedding dresses with trains.

Blusher Veil

A blusher veil is considered a more modern veil and covers the bride’s face until presented to the groom. Blusher veils styles have a small piece of material that covers the front of the bride’s face and upper neck, the torso area, and the rest of the veil remain draped behind the bride’s head. This wedding-style veil is seen as a classic style that is most commonly chosen by brides.

When brides are going after a more romantic look for their bridal outfit, this style of veil is often what is used to help complete that look. These types of veils make for gorgeous photos by lifting the veil over the bride’s head. Additionally, covering the couple with the veil for an intimate photo moment. The style of wedding veil is very versatile and fits with most dress styles.

Couple kissing un der a wedding veil showing one of the wedding veil styles you can have as a bride

Juliet Cap Veil

Now, this is a long wedding veil style and is very romantic and historic in its look. The Juliet Cap veil provides a cap-like look on the top of the bride’s head. Then it runs down the sides of the bride’s body and has a long royal look. This veil is typically worn low across the forehead, or closer to the crown for a pushed-back look.

Often Juliet Style wedding veils have lots of intricate beadwork and design to them. They often can be very creative and unique in their look and can really make a statement for a bride’s overall look. This style can be paired with a short or long dress, and typically is paired with wedding dresses with sleeves. Often brides will wear their hair down with this style of veil.

Fingertip Veil

The fingertip veil is a mid-length veil, it’s seen as being a more casual look for brides or it can be done up to complete a more formal look. It’s quite a versatile veil in that it can go with a wide variety of dresses.  Brides will wear their hair up, and down with their veil style. The back of the veil hangs down below their torso behind, and the sides will end where the brides’ fingertips end. It cocoons in the bride to create a very romantic, modern, and simple look. With this style of veil, you can often find lace or beading down the edges. On average most fingertip veils are about 35-40 inches long and don’t cover the bride’s face. This style of veil is pure to be worn hanging around the bride on her wedding day.


Summary of Wedding Veil Styles

Overall, there is a wide variety of wedding veil styles with varying lengths of veils, styles of the veils, and which dress and hairstyles naturally align with those veil types. Each bride has her own style and her own idea of what she wants to look like on her wedding day. A veil is a simple way to add some personality, style, and creativity to the bride’s look. As well, can be used for more traditional means with modesty and preparing for a bridal look reveal. If you’re interested in wanting to look at veils with your wedding dress appt don’t hesitate to reach out and let Sheila know so she can arrange a couple for you to try on!