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Destination Wedding Dress Shopping Tips: Flying with your Wedding Dress

Congratulations, you’ve decided on a Destination Wedding! Now, comes the fun part finding your dream destination wedding dress and learning more about flying your wedding dress to your dream wedding spot! Selecting a destination wedding dress can be different than a traditional wedding. There are a couple of different things to keep in mind such as material, length, style and packing, and transportation logistics of the dress. Let’s dive into each of these to help you find your dream wedding gown for your wedding day!

Flaying with wedding dress brides

Helpful items for flying with your wedding dress

Here are some helpful items that can be helpful in making it simpler for flying with wedding dresses. These items are just suggestions, based on the dress you select you can speak about the best way to transport the dress you’ve chosen.

  • Garment Bag
  • Portable Steamer
  • Dry Cleaner Bag(s) for plastic protection of garment bag
  • Accessories Bag
  • Sturdy Hanger

It’s important to check with the airlines you are flying with to understand their policies and regulations with items such as wedding dresses.


When it comes to selecting a wedding dress thinking about the material you want the dress made of is important with a destination wedding. Most brides prefer chiffon, tulle, satin, taffeta, or a lace wedding dress as they are typically lighter in weight and overall temperature. Heavy materials such as silk are typically less popular given, as they hold in heat easily, and can feel heavier in weight for the bride. If your dress has beads or gems that you are worried about being damaged you can use tissue paper around those items to help protect them during travel.

Depending on your destination location, and your personal preference for material find something that works best for your dream wedding dress. Bigger and bulkier materials can also pose tougher for packing and wedding dress travel gave they are larger in size as the material is thicker. Remember that you’ll be carrying a garment bag for a wedding dress on the plane so think about the weight of the dress and weight of material when considering taking your wedding dress traveling with you.

Bride with Garment Bag for Travel with Wedding Dress


When thinking about a beach wedding, fitting your wedding dress on the plane with you, length is a good factor to consider. Long wedding dresses with elaborate trains can be bunched up in your garment bags and can cause wrinkling. Picking a dress is a very personal item and personal decision, make sure to pick a dress you love but will also work for your destination wedding venue and your travel plans.

When possible, keep your dress on your lap, avoid trying to put it into the overhead bin or overhead compartments if possible. Given the length of your wedding dress and the compartments are not the length of your dress this is likely to cause wrinkles or possible damage to the dress. Speak to the flight attendants to see if you can keep the dress on your lap, or if there is a space dedicated to helping with your travel dress. You’re not the first bride to take their dress to your destination wedding and flight staff will likely be able to help and assist!

Asking for Assistance with flying with your wedding dress

It’s okay to not be the expert on how to travel with a wedding dress. The important piece is to seek out the information the airline provides on how to fly with wedding dresses and ask questions of the airline beforehand to understand the best location for your dress.

Image of Wedding Dresses

Folding your Wedding Dress

If you’re unable to keep your wedding dress with you as you travel, or would prefer not to, then you can pack your wedding dress in your luggage. Carefully fold your wedding dress from each edge towards the middle. Then taking the bottom of the dress and folding it towards the waistline, from there slowly roll up any train and excess material.

Once the dress fits in the garment bag, or to the size of your luggage – stop and pack it. Ensure you are covering the garment bag in plastic coverage if it is a fabric bag to ensure it is free of any liquids or accidents. Whenever possible hang the wedding dress, or as soon as your travel has concluded.


Being prepared ahead of time by carefully packing your dress and bringing items such as a portable steamer to help loosen any travel wrinkles will help you easily travel with your wedding dress. Click here to book your bridal appt with Sheila and learn more about different wedding dress options for your destination wedding!

Safe Travels with your Wedding Dress!