So I was recommended to Shelia’s boutique almost 2 years ago when I was starting to look for shoes for a bridal party that I was in. I actually never got a chance to get there for this purpose but we did speak through email and Shelia was more than happy to let me know that she did have styles, sizes and WIDTHS (I am a double wide foot) that I was looking for in stock and she was able to dye shoes to the grey colour that I would need.

Then about 2 months ago, I was looking with my friend for her upcoming wedding for her bridal dress. She was having a really frustrating time in all of the dress stores that we had already gone into, may it be the service or just the lack of sizes to try on. While my friend was in the change room of one of the competitors shops, very frustrated and feeling as though she had not had any luck for a long time; I decided that I was going to email Shelia and see if she by any chance had a quick appointment for us to just come and browse.

Shelia emailed me back within about 15 to 20mins and she let me know that she does have one quick opening today. She let me know that we might only be able to try on a couple of dresses but for sure to come on down and check them out. I was overjoyed by this news!!

My friend was a little skeptical when we drove up to a house being the address. However, once inside and brought to the boutique I could tell that my friend right away felt at ease. My friend explained what she wanted and just the way that she had been treated before. Shelia was so friendly and calm, she was able to pull out a few beautiful dresses.

My friend actually tried on two different ones however fell in love with the first one and had to try it on again. I saw her face light up to that “say YES to the dress moment” and she was so happy. Of course her mom needed to see it, so she made an appointment for the next day.

The next day i received the very excited text that she did pick this dress! I am so happy for her! I am soo happy that we were able to make this happen!! I am so happy that Shelia was so accommodating!!

Honestly I can’t thank her enough because me and one of the other bridesmaids ended up trying on some vales for ourselves and Shelia was awesome about it! I definitely would recommend her boutique again and again!!!