Sheila made my experience a life-changing one!

I am a young bride and I have spent my entire life trying to “fit in” (pun intended) with society’s idea of beauty. In my 22 years it seems I have yet to succeed in that… I went about dress shopping prepared to be disappointed. Prepared to be stuffed into a poofy, shapeless, lump of material that people figured I belonged in. However, I had zero intention of wearing anything like that on my big day. I am a tall, full-figured and curvy woman and dang it, I’m gonna show that off on my wedding day! I first tried David’s Bridal.
What a nightmare. I felt they just wanted to make a sale and they did try to put me in one of those dresses they figured would cover me up the most. Assuming I wanted that. I left that day feeling discouraged, but determined to find a bridal store that what actually show me the kind of dresses I wanted to try on. I did some research and found Sheila’s. What a difference! She has an amazing selection. You can find everything you’d ever need! Not only that, but she herself was amazing. She was kind, attentive and above all made sure I found exactly what I was looking for and nothing less. And I did! I chose the most beautiful, strapless dropped waist gown. Everything I was looking for and more! It couldn’t have been a more beautiful experience and I have told every curvy bride I know about her. I almost wish I could buy another dress for the reception just so I could experience it all again. Highly reccomend her above everyone else! She gives you all her attention and she actually genuinely cares. Thank you Sheila!!! Xoxo Jennilee