Plus-size?? No problem!!! :)

As a typical plus-size bride, I began my wedding dress shopping a little nervous that I would have a hard time finding sample dresses to even try on. Although it ended up not being as bad as I thought it would, I was still very limited with what I could try on. One place had me put the hanger around my neck to “visualize” what the dress would look like… who would ever buy a dress that they can’t even try on!! I was almost ready to “settle” for a dress that I did like, but didn’t really get that feeling everyone said you will get when you find the right one. Then I heard about Sheila’s…. and thank god I did! I was able to try on every single dress she had in stock, and even better, most were my size!!! It was such an amazing experience, so comfortable and laid back. So many different styles that would fit all shapes and sizes. Needless to say, I found THE dress and couldn’t be any happier with it!!!! Thank you so much Sheila!!! It truly was an amazing experience! 🙂