Perfect Fit

I got engaged in December 2014, I wasn’t seriously looking for my dress when I started going to wedding shoppes as we still had lots of time until our September 2016 wedding! Well, as the saying goes “time flies by” and I needed to find my dress. I had found a few I liked from different places but each one was missing something, or if I tweaked it or changed something it could maybe work. I went to a few bridal boutiques which really discouraged me.. I found the selection very few, I am also bigger at the hips which is hard to slip into a dress and since I am claustrophobic I was certainly not putting all that material over my head! A friend that was with me that day, could see I had just about enough and suggested Sheila’s. Said it was a plus size gown shoppe so I might have more luck.

Sheila was fantastic. First off I am not great with cats and she was not even the slightest bit hesistant with putting hers away for the time we were there. She didn’t judge. As you know, trying on wedding dresses is very ummm personal, and she didn’t make me feel uncomfortable or anything!! Considering it is out of her home, the selection was a pretty good range.

Needless to say, I said YES to the dress!!