#1 Plus-Size Dress Boutique!!

Being bigger my whole life, I have dreaded dressing up. You see the tv shows of brides finding their perfect dress, and to be honest, I never really believed it. Until I met Sheila and had my first (and last) wedding dress experience.

Since I’m super self-conscious about my body, I tend to be very picky about what I wear. Sheila made me very comfortable, could tell when I wasn’t pleased with what I was wearing, and would also offer an honest opinion when asked for one. After seeing what I was liking and didn’t like, she led me to my dress! I put it on, and had one of those “tv moments”, and cried, said “yes to the dress”…. the whole nine yards. I am still pleased with the dress and how accommodating Sheila has been.

For anyone in the market for a wedding dress or even wedding accessories, look no further! Sheila is a “fairy god mother” in disguise!

Thank you Sheila for all you have done for me! For that, I am forever grateful.